European policy frames the project ENGAGE is related to

Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights are core of and crucial for any democratic society. All over Europe a random dozen of policies asks for a broad involvement and say of children and youth on their participation in policies, of developing child-friendly and child-adequate spaces and procedures in closer community and broader society.

Regards to Citizenship and democracy learning of children we identify the three policy fields of education, youth policies and children rights enactment on all levels in Europe and the member states which in both ways can positively create conditions but also be of a barrier.

In any democratic society people themselves are not only objects of educational policies but also actively contribute and form society, thus co-produce learning and creating a bottom up perspective on democratic involvement and participation which critically focuses on power relations in society. This starts from the scratch and that is the reason why democracy learning with children is a core task for us. On the question how democracy learning with children works the acid test for democratic citizenship education arises.

The rise of violence, racism, extremism, xenophobia, discrimination and intolerance is posing serious challenges to our societies. Education increasingly is seen as a defense and prevention mechanism against such phenomena and against human rights violations. That they lead to, as well as give a major contribution to social cohesion, social justice and peace as core factors of a stable and just Europe.

This important role of education is reflected in key European policy documents such as the

All of them provide a conceptual frame to relate the work of the ENGAGE project to. They set out the scope for national policy making, planning and programming, but also define a field where a bottom up understanding of democracy learning defines and shapes policies accordingly by providing and supporting children in exploring spaces where they can learn about rights and formulate their ideas for a common living in society as well as concretely can experience democratic self-efficacy.



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